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Who We Are

Alissa is the owner and founder of WHAM Preservation – Freeze Drying & Taxidermy.  Her journey to taxidermy, and freeze drying in particular, started with her first baby, her miniature pinscher, Heimdall.  He passed away at the tender age of 7 and Alissa and her family were not ready to let him go in the physical sense.  Her husband, Michael, randomly suggested they turn to a taxidermist, which they did, and when she received Heimdall back the sense of closure she received was overwhelmingly positive, enlightening, and all encompassing.  It allowed her family to mourn, while still being able to see Heimdall’s face every day and have him near.   Professionally, Alissa previously did an apprenticeship at Back Country Taxidermy where she learned conventional taxidermy approaches.  She then trained at Stehling’s Taxidermy in the art of freeze drying small animals and reptiles, as well as turkey heads.  Alissa has additionally trained with one of the top pet preservation specialists in the country.   Rest assured, if you choose Alissa as your taxidermist, her love and respect for animals, pets in particular, will show.  She loves all living and breathing entities and does her best to provide you and your family with the same sense of relief and comfort that she received upon getting her Heimdall back.  She takes care of your beloved pet during the freeze drying process, as if it were her own, and returns them so they can be with their loving family once again. Whether you are looking to get your pet freeze dried, flower from your wedding freeze dried, or a squirrel or other small animal freeze dried, each and every one of the entities receives the same care and attention, as well as you, as the client.